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lol外围网站  Cast iron well cover to prevent deformation what need to pay attention to? As a cast iron well cover manufacturer, Shandong ductile iron manhole cover for you to introduce the method of preventing deformation of cast iron manhole cover. The prevention of deformation is a very important step, which can not only ensure the safety of the product, but also improve its service life


  Nodular cast iron manhole cover as a product to cover roads or deep wells at home can be seen in any street, its use has brought great help to our life. Nodular cast iron manhole cover in the application of a certain time, prone to deformation and other problems, in this case, we can only replace a new product, in order to avoid accidents.



lol外围网站  It is necessary to select suitable filling materials and compaction machinery according to the position of backfill and construction conditions. When the groove is narrow, manual tamping or frog rammer can be used for tamping. Different tamping tools should be selected for different filling materials and different filling thickness, so as to obtain economic compaction effect. The mud, tree roots, turf and rotten plants will not only affect the compaction, but also form holes in the soil due to dry shrinkage and decay. These data can not be used as fillers to avoid subsidence. It is necessary to drain the water first and then layer by layer and compact with the filling if the nodular cast iron well cover meets the underground water or the construction after rain.


lol外围网站  We can adopt corresponding methods according to the degree of settlement damage. In this way, we can make our ductile iron manhole cover more safe and convenient in use. Bring security to our lives.


  The above is for the cast iron manhole cover to prevent deformation made an introduction, of course, we can imagine, if the well cover deformation, what kind of accident will lead to? If the vehicle passes from above, it is likely that the wheels will fall into the inspection well head, which will cause the body and personal safety to be damaged. For more information, please click Shandong ductile iron manhole cover Website.

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